Research project as a member

  • R-Vessel-X : Funded by the ANR (French National Agency of Research) from January 2019 to January 2022.
    with : Antoine Vacavant (coordinator, MCF-HDR UCA, Institut Pascal) and several national partners (Creatis, Crestic, Kitware, Liris, Loria).
    Goals: To propose original and robust developments of image analysis and machine learning algorithms integrating strong mathematical frameworks, e.g. digital geometry and topology, mathematical morphology, or graphs for reconstructing vessels of the liver beyong medical image content.


  • AVACM : Funded as a PEPS by CNRS INSIS ; from June 2017 to June 2018
    with: Christophe Lohou (coordinator, PU UCA, Institut Pascal), Owen Appadoo (MCF UCA, Institut Pascal), Daniel Mestre (DR CNRS).
    Goals: Digitalizing an existing therapeutical nutrition workshop to help patient better understand what is going to change in their diet after a bariatric surgery. We use mixed reality (Hololens headset) in this context to deliver multiple messages and information to patients and assess that mixed reality could be a way to enhance the understanding for patients.